SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK | ARVOS GmbH designs and fabricates heat exchanger systems for the Carbon Black industry. Carbon black is used as a high performance reinforcing component in technical rubber products and as a color pigment. It is quality determining and defines the characteristics of the final product like for example in car tires.

Technical Carbon Black is produced by injecting hydrocarbon feedstock into the extremely hot zone of a flame in excess of stoichiometric quantities. In a second step this carefully controlled combustion process is rapidly cooled down by water quenching to around 1,500°C. This stops the Carbon Black formation process and defines particle shape, size and quality.

Enhance the value of your plant with Schack® Carbon Black Heat Exchangers

Schack® Heat Exchangers help to refine the definition of Carbon Black particles and recover the process heat by either returning  it to the process or producing steam for power generation. They are integral components of the Carbon Black process and furthermore reduce cost by optimizing the yield and efficiency of the Carbon Black plant.

SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK provides the following components marked in green: