Excellence in R&D

The development of highly sophisticated heat recovery equipment requires a broad engineering knowledge of underlying physical processes as well as a thorough command of appropriate numerical computing methods. In order to safeguard its position as global technology leader, SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK cooperates and interacts closely with leading process developers on the translation of desirable process parameters into physically achievable apparatus solutions for the excellence of tomorrow.

Experimental investigations and measurements are performed either at SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK´s own laboratories or in cooperation with renowned research institutes. Theoretical models and experimental results are verified with evaluated field measurements conducted in operating plants; forming the basis for improved technical solutions and new products.

Exceptionally experienced R&D teams analyse and handle a wide range of highly intricate challenges related to 3D simulation, process and boiler/fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, chemical and metallurgical reaction kinetics, nonlinear mechanics and vibration theories using the latest calculation software including software developed or further optimized in-house.

Customers benefit from continuous product quality improvements ensuring reliable operation, prolonged lifetime and utmost operational efficiency of SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK´s heat transfer components.