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Our share in the glass industry

Kassel, Germany, 16.04.2020

It is essential in high-tech industry, research, construction and private households. You drink out of a glass, you look through a window or optic lenses. Glass exists in various forms and plays an integral part in our circular economy.

During industrial glass production the raw materials are heated in a furnace to temperatures ranging from 1500 to 1700°C (2700–3100°F). During this process a remarkable amount of wastes gases are produced.

Heat management and recuperation of waste gases is a significant subject for increasing the efficiency of this process considering the environmental impacts as well as the economic competitiveness.

SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK supports your process with intelligent, energy efficient heat recovery solutions. Our reliable SCHACK® Double Shell-Type and SCHACK® Tube Cage-Type Recuperators can handle high flue gas temperatures as well as heavily dust-laden waste gases.

Let us making your process more efficient! Read more about our unique recuperators for the glass smelting industry.