Syngas Cooler being shipped to India


Steam Drum
Syngas cooler produced in our workshop in Germany
Gas inlet and outlet channel

Technological know-how combined with practical experience over decades enables SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK | ARVOS GmbH to supply superior syngas cooler systems.

The first radiant and convective syngas cooler concepts developed and supplied by SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK were put into operation in the 1980s in "Cool Water", the world’s first Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) demonstration plant rated at a net output of 100 MW/340 MBTU/h. 

SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK designs convective syngas cooler systems in shell & tube design and in the unique Schmidt’sche® design with Oval Header/Double Tube system having the following features:

  • Clearly defined flow paths on water/steam and gas side
  • High velocities on water/steam side secure tube wall temperatures at safe levels
  • Ferrules are not required which results in utmost reliability
  • Intense cooling of the gas-conveying tubes
  • Low thermal stresses in the pressure loaded parts due to thin wall design
  • Double tube coolers operating in natural circulation mode
  • Inner tubes can be protected by high alloy composite tubes to avoid H2S-corrosion

SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK has great success with the unique Schmidt’sche® Oval Header/Double Tube heat exchangers in thermally high loaded applications. Their outstanding design convinced customers and gasification process owners to order from SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK the largest convective Syngas Coolers ever built. These Syngas Coolers are installed in the worldwide hugest gasification plants built recently. SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK designed and fabricated three Syngas Coolers, each 300 t weight, 34 m length for Korea and 10 Syngas Coolers, each 550 t weight, 45 m length for India.