In order to operate your equipment to peak potential we offer customized training on the following topics:

  • Water Treatment – We will explain why water quality is the key for long lifetime of a boiler. The operations team shall understand which figures are essential and what you can learn from your sample results. We will explain what chemicals you should use which quality parameters are important to monitor and how to monitor correctly.
  • Equipment Design – What makes the SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK design world class equipment? How should you operate it and why are they superior when it comes to maintenance.
  • Operation of Boiler  - how should you operate and clean your boiler to minimize downtime and maximize availability and production
  • Insulation – Why is it important, where should you insulate and where not
  • Inspection – How is you equipment inspected correctly, at which stage in life of your equipment
  • Maintenance and Repair – How should you maintain your equipment and repair it, what are important factors that you have to consider

All of these topics will have a general part and a part that will be tailored to your needs and expectations. Case studies will give the attending personnel an inside-look into real operations.

Contact us and we will find an appropriate course for your setting.