ARVOS' investment in growth and excellence

The ARVOS fabrication facility in Kassel is currently undergoing an acceleration of production processes. A new production hall is under construction. Rail systems will combine various production stages with sandblasting, varnishing and pressure testing and will ensure a further optimized production flow. Large Schmidt'sche® TLEs, Process Gas Coolers and Syngas Coolers can then be moved easily and efficiently.
This is another step towards securing a prospering future for ARVOS GmbH.

TLE at Technik Museum Kassel

ARVOS' TLE - the new attraction at Technik-Museum Kassel TMK

In March 2017 a Schmidt'sche® Transfer Line Exchanger (TLE) was set up at the Technical Museum of Kassel. This TLE was designed and manufactured in Kassel 31 years ago by ARVOS’ predecessor company Schmidt’sche Heißdampfgesellschaft (SHG). After 31 years of reliable operation at Shell’s petrochemical plant in Wesseling, Germany, the TLE is now the new attraction at the Technical Museum. Visitors can marvel at this real vessel, which has a height of 8.35m and a weight of 8 tons. This TLE has reliably been doing a hard job by constantly cooling gas from 900°C to 400°C in milliseconds, thus producing 500.000 tons of ethylene in all those years. The first TLEs of this type were installed in Shell’s petrochemical plant in 1960. Their double tube and oval header system was a brand new design at that time. The revolutionary double tube system developed by SHG allowed to recover heat from the process gases – an innovation, which significantly improved energy efficiency, economic efficiency and above all the ecological balance of ethylene plants. Visit the Technik-Museum here.

Steam superheaters shipped from Kassel to India

In 2013 Reliance Industries awarded to us the contract for 10 Syngas Coolers – the largest and heaviest ones we ever developed and produced - for the worldwide biggest petcoke gasification plant in Jamnagar. Within this project we gained a further contract in 2014 for 2 steam superheaters, which we shipped on Mai 05th 2016 on the River Weser to the North Sea and then to Jamnagar in India.
In these steam superheaters the especially developed SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK “Bayonet Tube Design Principle” is applied. It serves for the heat recovery behind the Davy Methanisation Process converting syngas to SNG (Synthetic Natural Gas) and is located downstream of the Schmidt´sche Syngas Cooler and several gas cleaning stages.

New machining center in our Kassel workshop

On April 14th Managing Director Karsten Stückrath inaugurated a new machining center in our workshop in Kassel. Several processes are integrated in this multi-task milling-turning machine.  This is a further important step toward increasing our productivity and securing our market leadership.

SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK acquires a big workshop

For over 10 years SCHMIDTSCHE-SCHACK has been renting a workshop in Lohfelden nearby Kassel, for manufacturing especially big and heavy components. We are pleased that on April 1st 2016 we could take the opportunity to acquire this workshop and thus to strengthen our potential for further growth in the future.