New concept brings light into the darkness

The three production halls of Arvos GmbH | Schmidtsche Schack in Lohfelden cover a total area of more than 10.000 square meters - with ceiling heights of up to 18 meters. Accordingly, the challenge is to provide adequate lighting. The classic mercury vapor lamps - this was obvious in the past - did not represent an optimal solution. These change their color of light over time and significantly diminish in their illuminance.

Production safety as a major topic

"We had to replace the lights very often",
recalls Jens Fehlmann, who is responsible for process optimization and plant planning at Arvos GmbH | Schmidtsche Schack, part of the Arvos Group. Especially since the workplace regulation makes precise specifications with regard to illuminance and - in keeping with the safety of the employees, who handle heavy machinery and vehicles at Arvos - requires a minimum illuminance of 300 lux.

Highest quality of the new lights - Made in Germany

The quality of the LED lights had a high priority in the decision-making process. Because even with LED lights there are big differences. The new concept convinced since the lights last a long time and work trouble-free. Due to the high quality requirements, the manufacturer produces the bulbs at its headquarters in Germany. This is important to fully influence the quality of the luminaires. With a lifespan of up to 150,000 hours, the "Made in Germany" LED luminaires outperform market-competitive products.

Concentration on the core business: High quality fabrication

We are especially pleased about the consistently positive feedback from our employees.
"The before-and-after effect is impressive. The halls are well lit right up to the last corner, which is very well received."
At the same time, the savings speak in favor of the new lighting. More than just a nice side effect in this context, is the benefit to the environment. For as much as the power consumption drops by up to 65 percent, the climate-damaging CO2 emissions are also reduced.