Start listening to your air preheater

Start listening to your Air Preheater

SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK´s crew at the Carbon Black Conference in Düsseldorf/Germany

Smart data application enables insight into process equipment

Carbon black air preheaters are integral components of the production process and improve the economics of the plant operation.

Since the focus of the operator is onto the process itself, standard sensor installations are used to monitor and control the process flows. The status and condition of the heat exchanger is derived by measured data up- and downstream the equipment as well as optional sensors on the air preheater. Regular inspections and individual experience of the operator complete today’s picture of the air preheater status.

ARVOS GmbH | SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK launched a product improvement to equip heat exchanger with additional sensors from which smart data are derived. This IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solution is based on proven cloud technology and is adaptable/ flexible to various customer requirements. It also makes use of machine learning algorithms in order to allow predictions for different parameters.

All those smart data will be used to generate regular operation and health reports for the process heat exchanger, which provide the customer a deeper insight into his air preheater and finally enhance the equipment availability.

The presentation discusses the IIoT set-up and smart data results and describes further applications along with an overview of inspections and continuous maintenance of air preheaters.

Axel Kindgen, Dr. Jörg Weidenfeller, N.N.