waste heat steam

The Claus process is the industry standard gas desulfurizing process, recovering elemental sulfur from gaseous hydrogen sulfide found in raw natural gas and in by-product gases from refining crude oil and other industrial processes like natural gas processing plants and gasification plants (synthesis gas). Components supplied by SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK Division:

  • Process gas boilers
  • Steam drum (also as piggy-pack arrangement)
  • Reaction chambers

Key factor of the reaction chamber is the refractory lining in combination with the checker wall and the ferrules. Selecting the appropriate equipment is as important as the static calculation of reaction furnace and waste heat boiler unit.


  • Process Gas Cooler with SUPLEX® tube sheet (super flexible tube sheet)
  • Crevice-free tube to tube sheet welds
  • ferrules extend behind the tube sheet and are wrapped with compressed fibre for good insulation and proper fit into the tubes
  • ARVOS's tube sheet-tube-ferrule assembly offers clear advantage over the traditional arrangement.

With in-house state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified and dedicated manufacturing sites, SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK is able to support its clients in the achievement of operational excellence.