Besides manufacturing and engineering high class equipment for new boilers, you can benefit from our world class engineering know-how in:

  • Simulation CFD & FEM                 
  • Review
  • Water system
  • Instrumentation
  • Analysis
  • History database

Simulation CFD & FEM

To optimize the flow into your heat exchanger we can support you with the latest computational fluid dynamic (CFD) tools. This enables deep insight into inlet flow distributions as major contributor for coking behavior or heat exchanger load. Furthermore we also use the finite element method (FEM), if you are considering retrofit, optimization and a possible planned plant upgrade.


When repairing equipment you might be planning welding activities. For those activities you need welding procedures, which can be reviewed and / or evaluated by our welding experts. In case we perform the services of course we will provide best possible welding procedures to accomplish site conditions, costs and time without compromising quality.

To further support operators we review and optimize chemical cleaning procedures and create repair procedures as well as re-calculate the performance and possibility for feed stock changes.

Water system

The water system is essential for the TLE to operate in the best way possible. Be it at the start-up of a brand new plant or after many years of operation; We evaluate the water treatment system, sample taking spots and schedules, as well as water treatment chemicals used to optimize the lifetime and availability of your equipment. If you plan to modify your system, we can also carry out water circulation calculations to verify stable and safe operation at all times.


Not only do we check your water system, but also we will have a look at the installed instrumentation, selection of measuring methods, location, connection, alarm – as well as set points and compensation. With respect to retrofitting we help to plan, which equipment to upgrade with high restrictions especially on available space and process connections.


In certain circumstances failures can occur associated with corrosion, erosion, wall thickness reduction, water quality, decoking, oval headers or refractory. We carry out RCFA (Root cause failure analysis) for you in order to learn from failure events and prevent them from happening again. Also we analyze the actual condition and history of your equipment to do a remaining life time analysis and support you to prolong your equipment’s life time as much as possible.

To learn more about remaining life time analysis visit Zero.One.