We provide services to assess your equipment and if required, to bring it back to full operation condition.

Wall thickness measurements at site may be carried out in a general inspection or during a shutdown, but can also be arranged as a stand-alone service. Works on the gas side could include hydro jetting or carrying out a borescope inspection of the gas inlet tube sheet.

For mechanical works we provide supervisors, welders and fitters. Should you have your own personnel we offer the services of specialized supervisors to repair the equipment according to the standard it is built as quickly as possible.

Even if the frequency of these tasks varies, you might want to combine activities. Tell us what plans you have and we will assist you in keeping your equipment running.

Additional installation of pressure or temperature nozzles as well as inspection nozzles can also be offered at a later stage.

If you would like to combine activities or order spare parts with the service job, here are some examples:

  • Replacement of an inlet reducer on linear TLEs
  • Renewal or modification of refractory on inlet chambers of conventional or Bathtub TLEs
  • Repair of inner tubes  possibly combined with repair of oval header sections

Should you have a spare TLE in your plant and want to have it maintained and inspected instead of replaced, ask us and we can certainly overhaul it at our workshop in Kassel, Germany.

But also for new or replacement TLEs we offer erection support as well as support during commissioning to ensure proper installation and preparation for long-time operation. Supervising the erection itself or the following chemical cleaning and start-up can be performed by our experienced specially trained field service engineers.

To learn more about predictive maintenance visit Zero.One.