Service means more to us than just repair and maintenance.


We accompany you through the decades. From the very first layout to immediate spare part delivery or a capacity upgrade of your system solution.


SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK provides you with smart proactive maintenance management, fixed, tailor-made service contracts or reactive services. Whatever suits you best.

Erection Support

Trust, right from the start

Support during the construction stage is crucial. Every step counts.
We ensure that products are safe and carefully inspected and tested before they are delivered to you.


We then accompany you on-site  by supervising the installation. Our team of dedicated experts provides a smooth start up process.


In order to support you sustainably, we advise you on how to achieve the highest possible reliability and availability throughout the entire lifecycle of your heat recovery solution.

Commissioning Supervision

Starting-up smoothly

In general, the initial start up for your plant is the most crucial.


Sorry to maybe disappoint you, when partnering with us, it will not be very thrilling.
As we personally supervise the initial start-up, we are able to ensure that your team is able to smoothly operate your heat recovery unit from day one.


What may thrill you is the expertise and commitment of our colleagues.


Inspection - Checked. Operates. Chill.

Unscheduled downtimes are painful. Our highly skilled, international experts aim at maximizing the availability and prolong the service life of your heat transfer solution through regular inspections.


Less downtimes.
Less maintenance-related costs.
Higher profitability.


Water Treatment-Training – clearly beneficial

Water quality is the key to an extended service life for a boiler. The more you know about it, the higher is your return on invest.

Which figures are essential? How to interpret sample results? Which chemicals should be used? Which quality parameters should be controlled? How to scale, monitor, and interpret these parameters validly?

We are going to give you profound answers within our training courses.


Maintenance and Repair-Training– react faster

Build up capacity to avoid and to shorten unscheduled downtimes. Optimize the skills of your team, enhance their expertise to conduct maintenance and repair works. The know-how of your staff is your most precious resource!


Inspection-Training – keep yourself up to date

Get to know how to inspect your SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK heat transfer equipment correctly and in the optimum time period. Intensify the understanding of your staff for higher profitability.


Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance-Training

We know your system inside out. Benefit from our inventor knowledge to maximize profitability. Learn more about the unique design features of your SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK heat recovery system.
Understand how to correctly operate and maintain your SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK equipment in order to ensure a safe, troublefree and reliable operation of your heat recovery system.


Consulting Services

Matching up targets, tools and teams

Highly skilled. Extremely committed.
Our engineers provide comprehensive, individual consulting and technical assistance according to your individual requirements. At one level, we work closely together with you to develop your perfect solution.


Deeper insights.
Sustainable and smart investments.

Predictive Maintenance with Zero.One®

Predictive. Proactive. Profitable!

The smart digital solution to optimize the return on investment for your heat transfer solution.


By talking to our customers, we have learnt about their troubles and requirements which are caused by unpredictable downtimes.
This has led us to the development of Zero.One®, which connects existing heat transfer systems with the Internet of Things (IoT) or existing plant control systems.


Zero.One® is our predictive maintenance solution for a sensor-based analysis of the industrial plant components. The digital service platform provides key information regarding the heat exchanger’s current status, performance data and locates potential risks.

What has happened? Why has it happened? What will happen when and why? Finally: What has to happen to keep things operating smoothly? Answering these questions with Zero.One® creates a highly valuable tool for sustainable maintenance management.

Remote Support

Always right by your side

You do not know what has happened to your heat transfer solution?


To pre-evaluate equipment which may cause problems, our service engineers will team up with the plant’s operating staff to detect, analyze and fix all issues which may negatively affect the plant performance and effectiveness.


We promise you, you'll never walk alone.

We are there

Troubleshooting, repairs and recommendations

The quality of partnership is tested when things are not going well.


In case of difficulty, we can support you immediately with our own dedicated team of skilled engineers and welders, high-quality parts and expert assistance.

Spare Parts and Components

Availability means profitability

Harsh conditions. Full capacity. Long-term use.


Even the best materials may show signs of wear someday.
In order to maintain your plant operating, we can supply you with first-class spare parts as soon as we can.

Gaining Insights

Failure and root cause analysis

A comprehensive, individual failure and root cause analysis of your heat recovery system is one of our most valuable services.


Additionally, we work together with you to find the perfect solution to get your equipment back into operation quickly, and for as long as possible.


Highly committed.
Highly skilled.

Revamps and Upgrades

Rethinking your plant

Updating technology. Enhancing productivity. Identifying stressed components and replacing them.

Based on our decades of experience in designing and manufacturing heat recovery solutions, we are able to keep your plant operating economically and adapt it to your growing demands.


Our support throughout the process of gaining power calculations ensures you to make the right decision.

By Your Side. Partnership.

SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK Service solutions

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Predict. Proact. Profit.

Digitize your Heat Exchanger with Zero.One

You are interested in SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK predictive maintenance solutions and would like to get further information?

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