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SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK wishes you a good start into 2021

Kassel, Germany, 13.01.2021 The New Year is picking up speed and while in many places a relaxed start is taking place, SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK is pursuing, despite all challenges, its promises: Thinking ahead and meeting our customers’ requirement to design, engineer, fabricate, deliver, install and maintain our products worldwide. This also applies to our Linear-Type TLEs, which are currently being manufactured in our own workshop in Kassel and are starting their long journey halfway around the world. READ MORE

Project VERENA

Kassel, Germany, 21.12.2020 We always have been committed to develop trendsetting ideas. This is why we are all the more pleased to be part of the project VERENA in cooperation with the Technical University of Darmstadt, Technical University of Munich, Technical University of Bergakademie Freiberg and all the other involved industrial partners. READ MORE

Moving to a more circular economy

Kassel, Germany, 10.09.2020 No matter how complicated the process and how visionary our customer’s idea SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK has the right solution for you. READ MORE


Kassel, Germany, 10.08.2020 Our SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK experts are at the virtual AIChE Spring meeting during the whole week to inform all interested parties about our SCHMIDT'SCHE® Transfer Line Exchanger in chats and video chats between 09:30 and 16:00 CDT, online. Visit us at the EPC Break sponsors and talk to us about our digital platform Zero. One® or learn more about our SCHMIDT'SCHE® Double Tube & Oval Header technology platform for efficient and rapid cooling of cracked gases. READ MORE

SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK e-Talks - Our Experts, your questions.

Kassel, Germany, 02.07.2020 Facing new challenges and providing individual solutions to meet our clients’ expectations is nothing new for SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK. Since many events have been cancelled due to the COVID 19 pandemic, we have used our resources to break new ground in communication in order to stay in contact with you and provide you with the latest developments and detailed information about our products and services. READ MORE

SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK unterstützt Einsatzkräfte bei Unwettern in der Region Kassel

Kassel, Deutschland, 21.06.2020 Als Unternehmen mit einer starken regionalen Verbindung unterstützte SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK die Einsatzkräfte der freiwilligen Feuerwehren und des technischen Hilfswerkes aus dem Landkreis Kassel bei ihren Bemühungen die Schäden durch ein Unwetter am 15.06.2020 zu bekämpfen. READ MORE

Another step towards Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

Houston (TX), USA, 10.06.2020 SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK achieved another step towards sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)production with the delivery of an unique SCHACK Syngas Cooler.  READ MORE

Further digitize your production facilities and optimize utilization

Kassel, Germany, 28.05.2020 Our newly developed SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK algorithms in Zero.One® continuously analyze the current status of your critical system components. The comparison of the collected data, consisting of system performance information, historical data and product design features, enables the current device status to be shown... READ MORE

Our share in hightech glass manufacturing

Kassel, Germany, 16.04.2020 It is essential in high-tech industry, research, construction and private households. You drink out of a glass, you look through a window or optic lenses. Glass exists in various forms and plays an integral part in our circular economy... READ MORE

Vielen Dank an unsere Helden

Kassel, Deutschland, 06.04.2020 Als mittelständisches Unternehmen sind wir auch immer ein Teil der Region in der wir leben und tätig sind; sei es in Kassel, Düsseldorf, Kobe, Wexford, Houston, Singapur, Shanghai oder Mumbai. Diese Regionen sind derzeit auch alle von den Auswirkungen der Covid-19-Pandemie betroffen, weshalb folgendes in Namen all unserer Standorte gilt: Vielen Dank! READ MORE