SCHMIDT‘SCHE® as well as SCHACK® Syngas Coolers are our solutions for gasification plants.


We are a partner at the same level to the world’s leading gasification process owners. Our solutions are installed in many of today’s most advanced gasification and partial oxidation plants worldwide.


Partnering with our clients plays an important role when it comes to the development of the Syngas Cooler. The equipment arrangement and requirements pertaining to the syngas composition must be incorporated into the final reactor and syngas cooler design. The closer and the more open the dialogue ­– the better the result.



Deciding on gasification solutions designed by SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK means to benefit from


  • Technology know-how
  • Individual solutions
  • Turnkey project availability
  • Process design for special applications


Application in processes for gasification and partial oxidation of feeds such as natural gas, oil, coal, petcoke, biomass, municipal solid waste or black liquor - to name just some - are within the core competency of our Syngas Cooler solutions.

SCHACK® Radiant Syngas Cooler

The high gas inlet temperatures of certain gasifiers require a syngas cooler design where cooling can take place without liquid or sticky slag particles coming into contact with the heat transfer surface.

The radiant syngas cooler is one of the key elements for dedicated applications. It generates high pressure steam by means of heat transfered from the hot raw gas. The radiant syngas cooler can either be equipped with a membrane wall or constructed in a double shell design.

Your Benefits

  • Made to withstand very high temperatures which occur directly downstream the reaction chamber.
  • Compared to a gasifier without heat transfer but with direct water quenching, the SCHACK® Radiant Syngas Cooler increases the overall process efficiency by approximately five percentage points.
  • Integrated water bath and slag crusher to reliably reduce the size of slag fragments to safely manageable sizes.
  • Heating surface optimization by utilizing additional perpendicular radiant panels.

SCHMIDT'SCHE® Syngas Cooler

Challenging and sophisticated requirements need individual, tried and tested solutions. We apply our unique SCHMIDT’SCHE® Double Tube & Oval Header technology platform for syngas cooling in gasification processes.

Tried and tested SCHMIDT’SCHE® Double Tube & Oval Header technology platform.

This technology platform has been utilized in the ethylene industry for decades and has successfully been adapted for the gasification industry as well. It can handle harsh operating conditions and highly abrasive dust loads, for example in coal or petcoke gasification applications.

Your Benefits

  • Aerodynamically optimized funnel shaped tube inlets, together with intensively cooled oval headers provide the best possible protection against tube inlet erosion and formation of gas side deposits.
  • The system is able to compensate for uneven gas flow distribution, leading to optimized heat recovery results.
  • Mechanical and thermal stresses are reduced by thin-walled oval headers to ensure operational longevity.
  • High cooling water flow velocities ensure maximum cooling of the gas contacted surface and ensure the removal and transport of particles.
  • Tried and tested design principle for more than 60 years with many plants still operating for over 20 years without a single failure. Meaning for you: Low maintenance time and investment.

SCHACK® Syngas Cooler


The development of syngas coolers, designed for partial oxidation reactors, requires a high level of technological expertise and practical experience.


The challenge is to hereby address the complex technical and physical issues of processing various feedstocks, which are loaded with heavy metals such as vanadium, nickel, iron and other by-products.


Your Benefits

  • Patented and unique SCHACK® gas inlet nozzle design to reduce corrosion and erosion attack.
  • Thin-walled heating surface design enables a defined setting for the tube surface temperatures on the gas side.
  • No additional steam drum and interconnection piping required as the shell is dimensioned to ensure adequate water / steam separation.
  • Maintenance: Coils can easily be replaced in a short time via a centrally arranged manhole in the water chamber.

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