Methane Pyrolysis Heat Recovery

Turquoise hydrogen production

The Methane Pyrolysis Heat Recovery is required in the efficient production process of turquoise hydrogen and is one of the most important production equipment in the Methane Pyrolysis process. The Methane Pyrolysis Heat Recovery improves the heat recovery rate of the syngas, optimizes the production process, and enables natural gas to be converted into high value turquoise hydrogen. By using the Methane Pyrolysis Heat Recovery solutions, production costs are reduced, considerable economic benefits are generated, and a reliable plant operation is ensured.

The first stage preheater/cooler, The Methane Pyrolysis Preheater is designed and produced for utilizing the thermal energy released during the process by cooling the high temperature hydrogen/carbon black gas mixture (>900 °C)  to lower temperature levels and to heat up the input methane gas from low temperatures levels.

The Methane Pyrolysis Preheater is the most important energy-saving equipment in the methane pyrolysis and turquoise hydrogen production process.

Each pass is a pipe-within-a-pipe design. These preheaters are typically designed as flue gas through the tube unit with the hydrogen/carbon black gas mixture flowing within the single straight, large diameter vertical inner tube. Hydrogen and shield gas or natural gas are heated by passing through an annular gap outside of the inner tube.

Depending on the individual process characteristics, the Methane Pyrolysis Preheater can be applied as first stage preheater/cooler in combination with a Second Stage Cooler for steam generation.


It incorporates the same design concept, except with multiple tubes. The boiler has the hot gas flowing within the tubes while boiling water passes over the outside of the tubes in multiple passes. As with the preheater, the high velocity of the gases inside of the tubes along with the entrained ash, will help to keep the inner surfaces from fouling. Ferrules are placed at the flue gas inlet of each tube of the cooler in order to further protect the refractory covered tubesheet from both erosion and the high heat flux expected there.


The third stage is a Feedwater Preheater with the hot gas again flowing within the tubes while water passes over the outside of the tubes in multiple cross-counterflow passes. The feedwater preheater uses feedwater recirculation to control the outlet flue gas temperature to ensure the proper temperature into the downstream cleaning equipment.

Your Benefits

  • Handling of high particle loaded gases
  • Precise temperature control
  • Low tendency of fouling, leading to higher reliability
  • High flow velocity
  • Optimized residence time
  • Optimized pressure drop
  • Ferrules to protect the refractory covered tubesheet
  • Saving of in further heat recovery efforts