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The mobile you use. The laptop you buy. The sunglasses you wear. The car you drive. We have taken our share.


As a leading designer and fabricator of process heat transfer solutions, we are a strong partner for the world’s leading engineering companies, contractors, and operators in chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical, and refining industries. Oriented towards the future, we passionately aim at advancing our expertise in the field of upcycling technologies.


Having the trust of our clients and being part of their processes makes us extremely proud. Our system solutions have their share in more than 50% of the synthetic materials produced worldwide. This serves as evidence for the reliability and the quality of our products.

Petrochemical Industry

We are your capable partner in a competitive market.

Producing basic raw materials from crude oil and natural gas is the core activity of the petrochemical industry. New economies arise. The world population grows.


Due to these developments, the requirement for petrochemical substances such as ethylene, methanol and propylene is still rampant.­


With an annual revenue of over 450 billion dollars among the top ten companies in the world, the petrochemical industry is of vital importance in the global economy. It is regarded as one of the most competitive markets and expects a tremendous innovative momentum from its participants.


In this vivid environment, SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK is your experienced, reliable and inventive partner. We support you in increasing your plant’s efficiency to the maximum.


Let us connect expertise to conquer new markets.

Whether printing ink, smartphones, car tires or pharmaceutical products – without the products of the chemical industry, no one would be able to deal with the daily routine the way they are used to. That is why this industrial sector accounts for more than 9% of global trade. Emerging markets in Asia with double-digit growth and a continually expanding demand are challenging the global sales markets in Europe and the USA.




Especially in view of recent developments towards chemistry 4.0 and the resulting circular economy, inspiring and resilient partnerships between manufacturers and clients are crucial.


SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK is a skilled sparring partner for the chemical industry.

We develop superior solutions to keep you one step ahead of the competition.


Hydrogen is gathering strong momentum as a key energy transition pillar

Hydrogen is a crucial element in most strategies to achieve net zero standing, and more countries are developing hydrogen plans. In fact, over 30 countries have created such strategies on a national level, and many more are drafting them.

There are many different processes for producing hydrogen on an industrial scale. Some of these have been tried and tested for decades, others are still in the development stage. One thing is clear: the world of tomorrow needs hydrogen as an important raw material for chemical production, energy and mobility. It is also clear that there will not be one way to produce hydrogen, but that there will be a large number of different processes that will help ensure the hydrogen supply of tomorrow. We at SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK are happy to be able to make our contribution.


Refining raw materials by refined heat transfer equipment.


“Rafiner” French for "refine" is a precise reference to the industry's ambition to process and fine-tune raw materials in order to obtain new fabrics.


The key to the successful operation of a refinery is smooth and trouble-free operation. Foreseeing and preventing corrosion as well as desulphurising the process products, in order to guarantee the highest quality of the end product, are the main challenges in the refining industry.



Through the decades, SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK has gained a deep understanding  with regards to these sophisticated processes. Our heat recovery solutions are inspired by your needs and designed to fulfil them all.


Outstanding endurance, resilience and reliability prevent unplanned shutdowns and increase the return on invest.


Steel runs the world. We keep your production operating.

The metallurgical industry is at the heart of all areas of life - from major infrastructural developments to designing and manufacturing high-tech materials and components.


It is especially the growing demand for housing and the resulting construction boom, as well as the increase in new metropolitan areas which is leading to an almost insatiable demand for steel.

Another decisive factor is the steadily expanding need for transportation, as the mobility industry requires an increasing amount of steel to manufacture their goods.


The heat recovery systems, developed by SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK, excel in categories like durability, safety, reliability and efficiency. Our solutions are optimized from top to bottom in order to keep your plants operating on a never ending basis.
Less downtimes. More profit.

Waste to Value

We are proud to contribute to the circular economy.

Minimizing resource input, waste, pollution and emissions are targets of the circular economy. The waste to value industry makes this its business model.

For those participants, municipal and industrial waste as well as all products which need to be discarded are a precious resource.


Up-cycling multi-million tons of waste into a valuable resource, such as syngas or synfuel is a pioneering approach. Landfilling, shipping or incineration are becoming a thing of the past.



SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK contributes with great commitment to the development of new technologies for the waste to value industry.


Dedicating our centennial experience and trusted technologies to a mould breaking novelty which protects our environment makes us really proud.


We love to be part of this future oriented approach.

Pulp and Paper

Precious partnerships with the pulp and paper industries.

More than 400 million tons of paper goods are produced annually. The products of the paper industry accompany us in almost everyday to day situation.

This trend will last.


The demand for paper, cardboard and paperboard is constantly increasing. Not only because of the increasing mail order business.

More and more, the environmental friendly raw material conquers fields of applications which are historically covered by synthetics.

As it is a renewable resource, paper will always have a great future.


The heat recovery solutions from SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK represent a revolutionary approach to reducing bottlenecks in manufacturing processes.

We are an experienced and reliable partner for participants in the pulp and paper industry who are ambitious and want to achieve higher efficiency.


Fragile business. Unbreakable partnerships.

In recent years, glass has been an ever-increasing demand as a constant source of recyclable products and materials. Glass is in the background of the daily lives of most people. It is manufactured from plentiful raw materials and can be readily reused as feedstock in glass production. The main part of the mass output from the glass industry is either in the form of containers for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, or flat glass for building construction or for motor vehicle manufacture.


This makes it all the more important for the glass industry to have a competitive advantage over its competitors by increasing efficiency.


Intelligent heat recovery solutions from SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK support glass producers in making optimum use of their energy. Higher Efficiency. Lower energy consumption. Increased profit.