SCHACK® Waste Heat Recovery Systems are our solution to save resources by recovering the energy utilized and then reusing it.  


Flue gas heat recovery systems make industrial processes more efficient by capturing and re-using heat energy which would otherwise have escaped into the environment.


All furnaces which burn fuel to produce heat also create exhaust gases and these need to be routed to the outside. However, as these gases are very hot, a large amount of energy can be recovered for process requirements or steam generation.


A integrated understanding of the production processes of the entire value chain is required in order to determine the most feasible solution for increasing energy efficiency.

SCHACK® Waste Heat Recovery System

For Direct Reduction Iron (DRI)

With over 80 years of experience, we supply heat recovery systems, including convection recuperators based on the proven SCHACK® design for all DRI-Processes.






Applying proprietary design methods, combined with long-term experience and dedicated manufacturing locations, enables SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK to support clients in achieving brilliant performance and operational excellence.


Our competences comprise thermal and mechanical design, numeric modelling and value engineering. We provide design, fabrication and supply for heat recovery systems for integrated reformers with handling temperatures up to 1100 °C.



Your Benefits

  • Customized design concepts including basic and detailed engineering.
  • Application of sophisticated numeric modelling methods (CFD, FEM, etc.).
  • Worldwide sourcing and manufacturing capabilities.
  • Special upside down arrangements for time and cost saving maintenance.

SCHACK® Waste Heat Recovery System

For Steam Reforming

The combustion process in a steam reformer generates flue gas which exits the reformer at about 1,000 °C and is then cooled down to temperatures below 180 °C in the convection section.


The recovered heat is preferably returned to the steam reforming process,which thereby makes the flue gas cooling system an integral part of a steam reforming plant.
All process and location specific requirements must be taken into account and integrated in the design.

Different types of heat exchangers and a wide variety of arrangements are possible for the material flows in the steam reforming process.



Your Benefits

  • Custom-made to fulfil specific process requirements.
  • Standard or adapted designs and modularized components.
  • Prefabricated modules with casing, refractory lining and heating surfaces –  erection time and costs are minimized.
  • Boiler derived designs.
  • Tubes hang vertically in a horizontal casing enabling for free thermal expansion downwards.
  • The refractory lined casing can be substituted by a water-cooled membrane wall construction for specialized applications.
  • Designs in accordance with API 560.
  • Tubes are horizontally arranged, routed and retained in place in a horizontal casing - the tubes expand thermally in a horizontal direction.

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