The idea of Circular Economy

Why it is important to us!

Circular economy - a term with constantly growing political, social and especially economic significance. Circular economy describes an economic model in which primary resources are consciously spared and, if possible, substituted. This is done by recycling, restoring and also by upcycling products and raw materials for being used again. The value-added chain does not end with the use of the object, but the object is afterwards returned to the circle for a new purpose.

With its advanced solutions for gasification, SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK contributes to the conservation of resources and creates a further value-added chain. Our solutions help the world's most modern plants to convert municipal solid waste into synthetic kerosene, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of a flight by over 80 %. Recent studies show that these synthetic aviation fuels (SAF) play a crucial role in the future of aviation. Synthetic fuels are also a forward-looking solution for industrial and commercial vehicle fleets.

The approach of integrating household waste into a new value chain opens up many new possibilities. Waste mining or landfill recycling gains in economic efficiency through this new value chain and is seen as a solution to the global waste problem.

Our Solution

Our share in the Waste to Value Process

SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK contributes with its specialized process knowledge to produce synthetic fuels from household waste by using gasification. In this complex and complicated process, we contribute our expertise by providing tar reforming solutions and heat recovery systems to make the process both efficient and reliable.

SCHMIDTSCHE SCHACK can look back on a long history in the field of industrial heat recovery as well as in the field of gasification and uses these decades of experience to realize state-of-the-art projects. When we report on our contribution to the circular economy, we are not talking about potential opportunities or ideas. We work actively with our customers in the present to implement these projects. A visionary plant of one of our customers is currently under construction and will soon convert the first tons of municipal solid waste into synthetic kerosene.

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Our Products

SCHACK® Syngas Coolers

  • Made to withstand very high temperatures which occur directly downstream the reaction chamber.
  • Compared to a gasifier without heat transfer but with direct water quenching, the SCHACK® Radiant Syngas Cooler increases the overall process efficiency by approximately five percentage points.
  • Integrated water bath and slag crusher to reliably reduce the size of slag fragments to safely manageable sizes.
  • Heating surface optimization by utilizing additional perpendicular radiant panels.


For Liquid, Gaseous or Solid Feedstocks

Liquid, gaseous or solid feedstocks are pre-warmed and partially oxidized at high temperatures of up to 1,600 °C (2,912 °F) and pressures of up to 100 bar (1,450 PSI) in a partial oxidation reactor, also referred to as gasifier. We provide detailed engineering and construction for the reactor according to the stated specifications of our clients. The reactors can either be of refractory lined design or equipped with a membrane wall. The hot syngas can be cooled by a radiant and / or convective heat exchanger and / or by a direct quench system. A direct quench system is typically closed-coupled with the reactor.


Your Benefits

  • Primary gasification reactor for solid feedstock
  • Primary partial oxidation reactor for liqid or gaseous feedstock
  • Secondary partial oxidation reactor for dedicated purposes

Waste to Value

Solutions for the Circular Economy

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